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A Fun Mystery

Three Days to Forever (A Mac Faraday Mystery) (Volume 9) - Lauren Carr

For most people, getting ready for their wedding is stressful, but for Mac and Archie it’s more like a nightmare. While most people are fighting off wedding day jitters, Mac, his soon to be mother in law and his friend/groomsman Joshua are fighting off a hit squad that has been sent to kill them. With the wedding just a few days away our characters are left racing against time to find out who is behind the hit and why so that Mac can meet Archie at the alter for what is expected to be the social event of the year.


This is the second book by Lauren Carr that I have read and I have to say that I am becoming quite the fan.  Because this is book 9 in the Mac Faraday series I was slightly worried that I would have a hard time following along, but that wasn’t an issue at all. Even for a late starter in the series it easy to keep up with the characters and I love that Lauren includes what is best described as an opening credits for the characters that also includes a short biography for each individual.   


She has a great writing style that flows well and does a wonderful job at keeping you guessing and she certainly knows how to play up the suspense. While some situations were a bit unbelievable, there were so many twists and turns that it was impossible to get bored and I found myself consumed by the story line and couldn’t bring myself to put it down.