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A Thrilling Mystery

Kill and Run (A Thorny Rose Mystery Book 1) - Lauren Carr

I am not usually one to be sucked into a murder mystery novel, let alone one military based, but after the first chapter I couldn’t put it down. Lauren Carr has a way of roping you in and immersing you in the story.

There were so many twists and turns in the plot that just as I thought I had it figured out, a new detail would emerge causing me to rethink my whole theory. This is definitely a book that will have you putting on your detective hats!

The characters were well developed and I especially found myself invested in Izzy, although I did feel as though her emotional turmoil was significantly downplayed and would have been much greater for a child whose mother was murdered. I did really love the family dynamics aspects and how it played a large part in the story line.

If your in the mood for a thrilling mystery, that will keep you guessing, I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Kill & Run. You won't be dissapointed!